Our Story

Our Story

Some of the best inspirations come during those moments when we slow down. A trip to Mackinaw Island and a luxurious massage released enough inspiration to begin the journey to create Red Bandanna Tea. We both had a long spring….truthfully; it has probably been a long career with years of various degrees of stress. Our jobs and social calendars were demanding and exhausting. Constantly filling our days from the moment we woke up to the minute we fell asleep. Rarely did we take a moment to just slow down and engage in the simple things around us. We both could feel the “snap” moment on the horizon. So, we decided to take a long girls weekend and get away from the speed of everything around us. We had heard friends and family talk for ages about Mackinaw Island and it felt like just the right formula.

The 9 hour drive from Indianapolis to Mackinaw Island gave plenty of time to just sit and breathe. By the time we arrived, we were discussing the simple things in life that we enjoyed most; such as travel, swimming, dogs, wine, nieces/nephews, and a good cup of tea. We began dreaming of the things we wanted to do and be.

We thought that we should continue the self-medication by treating ourselves to a massage. Naturally, during that massage, Brook found her mind continuing to focus on relaxation and simplicity. “How can I continue this relaxation pattern when I get home?” she thought. It was like a small voice spoke, “start an online store selling tea”. Immediately after the massage was finished she sat in the relaxation room with Amanda and told her about the inspiration. You could see Amanda almost roll her eyes. Here we were on a relaxing girls weekend away and Brook was dreaming up something else to do. But as every good friend does, she didn’t laugh (at least out loud) she simply engaged in the conversation.

John Lennon put it best when he said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Our laundry list of things to get done or our distractions are so grandiose that we rarely notice the simple pleasures around us. We rarely take the time to see the person next to us and engage in the conversation of their life. Sometimes our speed is so fast we even miss the conversation of our own life. With tea, it is the opposite. Its preparation requires a slow, methodical process. Often coffee feels like the stimulant to get you through the day whereas tea feels like the calm to enjoy the day.

As we began to discuss the possibilities, we realized we could bring the everyday stories of the world around us to people through a simple cup of tea. The almost laughter that we initially had began to twist into excitement and joy over the movement and inspiration we could encourage in others. That small voice was starting to become reality.

Over the next few weeks, we began to reflect on what engaging in the conversation around us meant to us. Engaging means slowing down with purpose. The image of a red bandanna came to mind because it symbolized the freedom of simplicity and the intention of engagement. People wear bandannas to wipe the sweat from their brow or keep their hair out of their face when they are “checked in” to whatever task is at hand. Thus, the red bandanna became a part of this tea journey.

Red Bandanna Tea was formed with the desire to encourage people to join the conversation around them. Tea drinking is truly an art form that calls us to slow down and engage in the beauty of everyday life. The Japanese tea ceremonies were all about celebrating the simple and mundane aspects of life. So pull your hair back, pick up a great cup of tea, and read our everyday beautiful stories of life. Take a moment to reflect on the simple pleasures and the beauty that surrounds you every day and share those stories with us. We want to celebrate them with you.